Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to prepare a "sosyal" meal good for 5 people with a budget of P150

12:17 AM

Because of a basketball match , all of a sudden I have some friends coming over and I had no money and time to prepare for lunch. All I had was P150 in my pocket. So I had to think how to expand my money to cover their hungry stomachs. I went to the "talipapa" or flea market and after 10 minutes I was on my way home to cook. With less than P150 I was able to buy:


1. A bundle of Baguio beans, 
2. dried shrimp, 
3. Red bell pepper,
4. Sayote, 
5. Canned corned beef 
6. Two fresh eggs.
7. 3 garlic cloves
8. 1 onion bulb
9. 2 pcs tomatoes

Here's what I did: 

Boil the Sayote, dried shrimp and Baguio beans until all are half cooked. Take it out and drain excess water.

Dish 2
Saute the chopped red bell pepper and tomatoes with garlic and onions, then add boiled shrimp, mix well then add the Baguio beans. 

Simply fry the eggs with the corned beef, make sure the consistency is dry.


After cooking all three dishes, when you put them all together here is the outcome



  1. wow.. this is great for P150.00; but how much did it cost to buy corned beef??? surely it must be more than P150.00 (or did you take this from your pantry reserves sent to you?) I wish I can prepare this for the budgeted price of P150.00 and cater to 5 people.

  2. hehehe the corned beef has the title "de lata"

  3. kinulong na baka some call it...

  4. I say your video on youtube about how to have one week ulam for less than a hundred pesos. It's a great and useful idea. Many Filipinos would prefer to do that to save money, and for some to keep tight their budget.

    For me this is a good idea since I always travel to Cebu, and there are times when you need to tight the belt in dire times.