Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to prepare a "sosyal" meal good for 5 people with a budget of P150

12:17 AM

Because of a basketball match , all of a sudden I have some friends coming over and I had no money and time to prepare for lunch. All I had was P150 in my pocket. So I had to think how to expand my money to cover their hungry stomachs. I went to the "talipapa" or flea market and after 10 minutes I was on my way home to cook. With less than P150 I was able to buy:


1. A bundle of Baguio beans, 
2. dried shrimp, 
3. Red bell pepper,
4. Sayote, 
5. Canned corned beef 
6. Two fresh eggs.
7. 3 garlic cloves
8. 1 onion bulb
9. 2 pcs tomatoes

Here's what I did: 

Boil the Sayote, dried shrimp and Baguio beans until all are half cooked. Take it out and drain excess water.

Dish 2
Saute the chopped red bell pepper and tomatoes with garlic and onions, then add boiled shrimp, mix well then add the Baguio beans. 

Simply fry the eggs with the corned beef, make sure the consistency is dry.


After cooking all three dishes, when you put them all together here is the outcome

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to cook salted dried fish ( tuyo ) with tomatoes and vegetable on the side

11:45 PM

SOSYAL! "Deep fried salted fish with fresh tomatoes and green vegetables on the side plus native vinegar sauce" 

This is a very famous dish for Filipinos. Taken alone, it is somewhat monotonous and boring but if you spice the meal with some combination and presentation, it becomes a luxurious meal. Sometimes, it is the presentation that makes the meal more delicious. Try this one 

I call it: "Deep fried salted fish with fresh tomatoes and green vegetables on the side plus native vinegar sauce"

In Tagalog: "Tuyo kamatis at pechay"

Watwatworld: "Naiprito nga tuyo nalaukan ti kamatis ken nilambung nga petchay"

Just fry the salted dried fish 

Slice the tomatoes, put them in a bowl.
Blanche the Vegetable ( any ) or simply soak in hot water for 3 minutes.


A simple dish make deliciously appealing! 

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How to cook ampalaya ( bitter gourd ) with sardines

11:03 PM

"freshly chopped bitter gourd sauted with garlic and onion strips topped with sardines and sauce sprinkled with iodized salt"

This is one of my favorite easy to cook dish. Although a lot of people do not appreciate the bitter taste of ampalaya or bitter gourd, they still eat it because of the rising popularity of the vegetable as a good food supplement specially for those who are suffering from diabetes and also for those who would like to clean their blood. A lot of information on the numerous health benefits is already available in the internet.

I call this dish as: "freshly chopped bitter gourd sauted with garlic and onion strips topped with sardines and sauce sprinkled with iodized salt"

In Tagalog: "ginisang ampalaya sa sardinas"

In watwatworld: "inprito nga paria santu nilaukan ti sardinas" 


1 bitter gourd ( ampalaya ) medium size
1 small can of sardines ( with thick sauce preffered )
5 pcs garlic cloves chopped
1 pc onion bulb chopped
1/4 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil ( or any cooking oil )
1/3 cup water


1. Saute chopped garlic in hot vegetable oil.
2. Add onions
3. Add bitter gourd ( ampalaya )
4. Add salt
5. Add water and let simmer for 3 minutes
6. Add sardines, mix well, cover, wait for 3 minutes.
7. Done!

That's how easy it is! 

Note: to get the full health benefits of ampalaya, remember the general rule... the bitter, the better! So if you can eat it raw, go ahead. Or do the old ways... just chop the ampalaya in small circles and wash it with hot water for a few minutes (5 minutes) then eat it raw!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to cook isang lingo na ulam in one preparation! A budget dish good for a week or more!

1:29 AM

EXPERIENCE THE DELICIOUS TASTE OF A CHEAP FILIPINO - ASIAN FOOD THAT IS HEALTHY AND GOOD FOR THE BUDGET! FOR STUDENTS, HOUSEWIVES, OFWS, LABORERS, MANAGERS ETC! VERY EASY TO PREPARE AND COOK!  This video will show you how to prepare a very delicious, healthy and affordable dish-viand-food ( ulam ) that is good for one week or more in a single preparation! This will definitely help in your budget! Very easy to do, very small amount to use and it can go as long as one week!

For more than two decades we have been eating a dish created by my grandmother. It has a good history since it is somewhat considered as a lifesaver during times of hunger. There were times when having a good meal is a luxury so my grandmother had to prepare this cheap dish ( ulam ). But contrary to what she thinks, we are actually waiting for it. It is delicious and it will complete a meal. In fact, you will eat more rice than you are supposed to.  It has a unique taste. For Asians, it is  very good with rice and coffee. For Westerners, it good with tomatoes and  tacos. The taste I can say is universal. The best thing of course is that you can store it up to a month or less depending on how you prepared it.

Remember to store WATWATWEEK  in a cool place, better if you place it inside your refrigerator. If you do not have a cooler, then prepare watwatday instead of a watwatweek.

The ingredients could be found in your local market. Just choose the fresh ones and when it comes to the meat, it does not matter what kind of meat as long as its not human and its minced (grounded).

How much you will cook will depend on how many people will eat. If you are alone or a family of three, the video presented above could last a week, if you are alone, it will last a month. The taste will differ depending on every persons taste buds so you better do a taste test when cooking. If you think it is too salty, adding a little amount of water will do.



Ginger – 1/8 kilo or 2 big pcs. ( look at the video )

Grounded pork or beef or chicken – ¼ kilo

Dried Salted fish ( tuyo ) – 15-20pcs.

Garlic – 30 cloves

Salt – 2 table spoons

Pepper – ½ table spoon

Chili ( sili ) – 2-5 pcs fresh or dried ( optional )

Vegetable oil – 1 cup


Boiling pan, frying pan

3 cups water

Chopping board





1.    Put the salted dried fish  in the pan, add the water and let boil for five minutes. Let the fish smoothen a bit. Get it out of the pan, put in a bowl and set aside for the moment to cool down.

2.    Clean the ginger and chop it into very small cubes like the size of the minced meat. The volume(look) of the ginger when chopped  should at least equal the (look) of the meat.

3.    Clean the garlic cloves and chop it also into very small pieces.

4.    Get the boiled fish and using your hands, carefully remove the fish bones and separate the flesh in another bowl. You can cut the flesh into little pieces if you want

5.    When the ingredients are prepared, heat the frying pan and put the vegetable oil.

6.    When the oil is hot, put the chopped garlic cloves, mix well and let stand for 3-5minutes.

7.    Add the minced meat in the pan and mix well with the garlic. Depending on the fire, cook your meat very well.

8.    When the meat is cooked, add the pepper and the salt and mix again. Let stand for  3 minutes.

9.    Add the ginger then mix well. Put the salted dried fish flesh on top of the frying pan and cover the pan. Let it stand for 5 minutes.

10.    Open and mix very well, taste if it suites your tongue.

11.    Let it cool down.

12.    Prepare a clean container. And I mean clean.

13.    Put the cooled watwatweek in the container and store.

You could add watwatweek every time you eat as a dish/viand or a stand alone dish ( ulam ). It is also good to add with tomatoes and use it as a bread filler. In any way, you could experiment.

I love to cook and I have a big arsenal of unique, delicious  and cheap  food preparations. Depending on how this post will do, I may add some more ingredients.
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